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KTH Royal Institute of Technology MSc Sistemas, Controle e Robótica
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

MSc Sistemas, Controle e Robótica

Stockholm, Suécia

2 Years


Período integral

Aug 2024

SEK 342.000 / per year

No campus


The master’s programme in Systems, Control and Robotics focuses on the analysis, design and control of robots, autonomous vehicles, and other complex technical systems. It provides broad skills in the field and expertise through specialisations going deeper into areas such as autonomous sensing, AI, machine learning, decision making and control. Graduates face interesting careers, often in the robotics and autonomous vehicles industry, or as PhD students.

Systems, Control and Robotics at KTH

The master's programme in Systems, Control and Robotics equips you with the skills necessary to analyse, design and control complex technical systems such as robots and other systems with significant autonomous capabilities. These systems are essential today and will become even more important as new technology enters our workplaces, homes and shared public spaces.

The programme starts with a few mandatory courses that provide a solid foundation in systems, control and robotics, as well as scientific methodology in general. It continues with courses on one of two tracks chosen by the student. In addition to courses associated with the tracks, there are many elective courses within the broad areas of AI, machine learning and control. To be prepared for a diversity of future careers, you will also take a project course of choice, and participate in a seminar series in which an opportunity is provided to reflect on the societal context of systems, control and robotics, such as sustainability and ethics.

Robotics and autonomous systems

This track focuses on autonomous mobile systems that act in a dynamic world, including robots, drones and autonomous vehicles. Such systems need to act rationally based on information from complex sensors such as cameras or laser scanners to achieve both short- and long-term objectives in a changing world.

Learning, Decision and Control Systems

This track focuses on analysing and synthesising of decision and control systems, both model-based, including classical control systems and AI, as well as data-driven systems, with machine learning components.

This is a two-year programme (120 ECTS credits) in English. Graduates are awarded a Master of Science Degree. The programme is given mainly at the KTH Campus in Stockholm by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (at KTH).



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