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Have you been looking to study at some of the best universities abroad? Maybe you've been considering getting a tan on the sunny beaches of Italy or visiting Japanese Shinto shrines.

Should you study abroad, or not? Should you take the plunge now or in the foreseeable future? Why should you study abroad? Is studying abroad worth it?

You'd like to make the most out of your studies, cherish your time as a student, and make many memories, but you're not sure whether studying abroad would be a good decision for you.

We can help you decide whether studying abroad is something that you should experience, and if it'll be worth it to you.

Plan ahead

The quiz can help direct your thinking to more concrete questions that come up when studying abroad, such as those regarding finance and personal accountability.

That way the vague question of “Should I study abroad?” would get you asking more tangible and specific questions. For example:

How does the quiz work?

The test is based around your personality, habits and interests. Some questions are general, and some are situational. For example, what you like to do in your spare time, or asking about how you would react in certain scenarios.

Think about your choices and answer honestly. Remember, there are no wrong answers!

The test gives you a result based on how you answered, and directs you to resources that you may find helpful based on your result.

Over 300,000 students have already taken this quiz!

Take our short test for students today and see whether you should study abroad!